Saturday, January 4, 2020

Mefford Endeavors Farm Projects 2020

2020 – Its about time for an UPDATE      

Hello and welcome! A new decade is a great time to forge ahead to make difference. It feels almost like a new beginning. As we reflected on this past year, it was obvious that 2019 was one of those odd years where time flew by and the feeling that nothing got done hangs overhead. 2019 was indeed busy, and as I am learning through other endeavors, it is counter productive to look backwards. 2019 was a year of growth, and expansion. Personally, and for our property. A time of searching for what we want to become, and how we can get there.  
On this date, we have committed to bringing our followers along for our ride, and to help you see what it means to be up to something most days. I am not sure a week goes by that we are not doing or making, or trying something new.

Our goals for 2020 –

·                   Finish the Greenhouse and have our first spring flower sale.
·         Advertise our Vegetable sales with 25 varieties of Tomatoes
·         Host a tomato tasting event
·         Remove the old Blueberry trellis, and reclaim the garden
·         Replace rotten Garden beds
·         Plant a huge squash Gourd patch for sale, and showing in the local fair
·         Begin planting Christmas Trees on the property
·         Establish a Worm farming component
·         Raise Turkeys
·         Build Chicken Pucker
·         Put siding on the barn
·         Shoot You Tube Videos as often as we can
·         And any other project that sparks our interest or that a reader suggests.

Since I work full time, this list looks daunting. But mornings, evenings and weekends are available, and I am determined to make our farm a place to bring your family for a picnic, or stop and see the animals.  I love my full time job, and bookkeeping, taxes and accounting will always be my favorite (yes, I am a weird one), but the desire to be more home oriented has been weighing on my soul in 2019 and unless I make intentional plans to improve our farm, it simply will not get done. The list will be a springboard for us to organize our time and work out a time management plan to “Get er done”.

Welcome back! and stay tuned for many grand adventures to come!

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