Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The fall has begun

Well, it is fall and my goal and hopes to inspire others with gardening info... well it did not happen. It has been a very busy year for us here on Emtoca Farm. I have lots of photos of the garden this year. We tilled an entire new section and tried some great new varieties.
We used the raised beds as in the past, but also added a large area for tomatoes and corn.

This is my VOLUNTEER squash patch that self seeded right out of the compost pile. I had to find a new place to pile my compostables.
Here are the goats.. Cleaning up the mess from the season of bountiful harvests.

I will need to work on getting some more info put in... Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


As a family, we have done many things over the years. 3 years ago we bought a house in MExico NY and declared. WE ARE NEVER MOVING AGAIN. This was it, our homestead to retire on. We have put a lot of sweat into this little peace of land. We have built 2 barns, created a 1500 sq ft garden space and reclained at least 1/3 of the land that was scrub and weeds. We planted fruit trees and flower bulbs... But in God's Timing, and for God's plan, we are moving back to CT. William R Carr passed to be with the Lord in April of this year. My mother in law, whom I love and admire, is a very stong capable woman. The dilema arises when one realizes just how much MANLY stuff Bill occupied himself with between 2 homesteads. If he was not mowing the grass, or brush hoging the field, or fixing this, tinkering with that. He kept 2 households in repaired and brought in wood for the winter.  He is very much missed.  We will be relocating to the family farm, to pick up all the THINGS that need to be done. I personally am thrilled to be back near my family and am excited for the adventures to come.
So stay tuned. I am sure this move will be with many worthy tales to be told. Have the meffords ever done anything that did NOT result in a story to be told by TOM.... So stayed tuned.... ........