Not your typical?
What on earth does that mean. Well, we ourselves are not typical so I guess that is where it all started. Anyone who knows THE MEFFORDS, will tell you that we are an industrious bunch who like to try many things. There is not much that we have not done or tried. Learning is a life long activity and we are always looking for something more to learn.

NOT YOUR TYPICAL describes all our products and services. We strive to be different and provide items that you cannot find elsewhere. Some examples are listed below:

Not Your Typical Maple Syrup: To start with, we use the old fashioned method of collection and we always will. We are not impressed with the new tubing method. Although it makes collection easier, it also does not keep the producer in touch with his/her trees, property etc. We are called to be stewards of what God has provided to us, and the vacuum systems in our opinion, although more productive, are perhaps more detrimental to the trees. The idea of taking every last or available drop makes me feel sad for the tree. (kinda sappy)

Not Your Typical Garden: Again, we break from tradition and venture out on our own, guided by those before us. After reading many gardening books and spending many years trying different styles, we decided we are frugal, eclectic, and lazy gardeners. Not lazy in regards to being industrious, but lazy in that weed pulling is a waste of our time. So we implement methods to minimize weeds and maximize yield from our garden plots. You can read about Square foot gardening, of which I am a certified instructor, and about Lasagna gardening, composting, worm composting, Mel's Mixes and so much more. We glean a little from each author and have come up with NOT YOUR TYPICAL garden. I do have my straight forward Square foot garden beds. I whole heartily believe that this method can help anyone with any size yard have produce of their own. ( to learn more, read our GARDEN section)

Not Your Typical Soaps: Goat milk home made soap is pretty common these days. More and more soap makers carry at least one type of goat milk soap. What makes our so different? We raise the goats, and make the soaps with specific goals in mind. We have no scent soaps, tallow soaps, veggie soaps, and can make soap for you and your needs. We try to stick with all natural, as in REAL, not chemical fragrances and colorants. We also carry Laundry soap and will gladly give lessons on how to make soaps. Our soaps may not be fancy, but they get the job done!

Not Your Typical Vegetables: We do not always carry what others do. We try to grow heirloom vegetables exclusively and are learning to save our own seeds. Our prices will always be lower than you will find elsewhere. Our gardens are a labor of love, a source of food for us, and a way to connect to the community around us. We have friends in upstate NY, who are Amish. I admire their simple life, and straight forward approach to selling what they produce. Good products at a fair price. That is our motto when we sell our produce. (Thank you Delila, for sharing with me)

Not Your typical Small Engine Repair:  How can small engine repair be NOT TYPICAL? First off we get the job done right or we fix it! Tom is a former Master Service Tech for Briggs and Stratton and has fixed hundreds of mowers, tillers, and weed eaters. He is good at what he does and we again, are not out to cost you an arm and a leg. Quality service you can afford. We offer pick up and delivery, and on site service as well.