Friday, February 1, 2013


Well, it’s that time again! The days are warming up nicely and soon I will be spending my days boiling sap!  It is amazing to me how our operation has grown over the last 4 seasons. The first sap year in NY we tapped maybe 18 taps at a good friend’s house about 20 minutes from where we were living. It was a haul, but it got us started. We gathered about 4 gallons of finished sap that year. We learned a lot and were very excited and had definitely caught maple fever. In 2011 we tapped 25 holes again at our friends home and were ready for a banner year in our book. 2011 was looking to be fantastic, but Tom’s father was very sick. William passed away and we ended up having to abandon the season.  We got a few gallons finished but certainly not all that could have been. In late 2012 we moved back to CT to the family farm. No more driving to get maple sap, its all right here. In 2012 we set about 45 taps, but many were in old maples that just are not in great health. I don’t have a final count for finished syrup as we sold it as fast as we could make it. My best guess would be 8-9 gallons.

                Here we are in 2013. The buckets are up, and once we are done tapping we should have 67 taps in. We already have preorders for syrup and that alone is really exciting. The barn is coming along and the Farm Stand will be opening this spring. So much activity here! Mefford Endeavors goes live and we think it will be a busy but productive season for all endeavors.

So here are the plans we have set before the LORD, and we will see what he blesses.

v  Maple Syrup production

v  Maple Syrup Cook Book

v  Small Engine Repair Shop

v  Release Tom’s How to Build A Red Wagon Book

v  Goat Milk Soaps

v  Hand Crafted Wood Toys with Non Toxic all natural finishes.

v  Chain Mail Jewelry or trinkets

v  Hand Crafted Quilts and sewn products

v  Unique Jellies: Root beer, Mountain Dew ETC

v  Farm Fresh Produce

v  Square foot Gardening Classes

v  Custom Chicken Coops

v  Soap Making Classes

v  Turkeys and Meat Chickens for sale

v  Eggs For Sale
We are currently building new soap molds, and will be posting our progress on many of these projects. SO STAY TUNED!!!